Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Boston!

Guess who turned 2 yesterday......

This guy.....

Yesterday was Boston's birthday. We had a nice little family party for him, which he thoroughly enjoyed.

Christmas Decorating

Well, it's that time of year again. Christmas decorations. We don't do any decorating before Thanksgiving, but the day after the girls were begging to decorate the house. Saturday night we went over to Mom's house so the kids could help set up the tree.

I'm not sure if Harmony wanted her picture taken here or not...

Britt's Birthday!

I appears Britt has taken a blogging sabbatical so I guess I'll continue to provide updates here until she gets back. November 19th was Britt's 29th birthday. We got to spend a nice evening away from the kids with dinner and a movie. I can't remember the last time we got to enjoy an nice evening out together. I also had a surprise party planned for her that Friday at MyNoahs in Lindon. Ever since we got married Britt has been wanting me to throw her a kegger like she use to have in college. I figured with all the crap she's been through this year it was the least I could do for her. Needless to say she enjoyed her 'happy lemondae' all night long. It wasn't an easy thing to keep secret but we managed to keep her in the dark and it all turned out really well.
All of our sibblings and parents were able to be there and we enjoyed partying late into the night.
Boston getting his first pool lesson from Grandpa.The happy lemonade was obviously affecting Mike.The Ben Man spreading his man love to Wes.

Why do I look slightly interested in this proposition.Happy 29th Britt. I love you...and just in case anyone is confused, there was no alcohol served at this party.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

In Memory Of.......

....the 2008 Boston Red Sox season. What the heck happened...we should be repeating World Series Champions. Instead I had to sit and console Britt all night last night...not from the pain of her surgery, but from the pain of seeing an inferior team in an inferior league win the title of 2008 World Champions. After seeing the Crapa Bay CrapRays make it to the world series and not be able to beat a mediocre Phillies was really heartbreaking for the whole family...The Sox would have shut down the Phillies in 4 games. We aren't quite sure how to explain this to our kids. There don't seem to be any books about how to talk to your kids about this kind of thing. Boston is taking it especially hard...But that's baseball and that's why we love it...what other sport could you see the greatest comeback in the history of the world? Definately not in Football or Basketball.

So now we enter 5 long, cold, worthless months of college football, NFL and NBA nonsense until Spring Training starts again. Once again though our family did enjoy some memorable moments cheering our team on.

So here's to our 2008 MVP - Dustin Pedroia:

Britt Update -

Britt had surgery yesterday on her wrist to repair the break that she had a couple of weeks ago. Surgery took about 2 hours and she was released to go home a few hours after that. It was a nice change from her past several surgeries. I think we are all thankful that there was no multiple week hospital recovery time to this surgery.

The surgery itself involved having the tumor in her wrist scraped out and then filling that space in with bone cement. After that was done Dr. Scott put small metal plate over Britt's wrist to help stabalize everything. She is recovering pretty well from the surgery. She's experienced a fair amount of pain in her wrist today but that's to be expected. She looks to have 7-10 days of recovery time after which she'll start her third round of chemo. So far chemo seems to be holding the growth of this stable. Hopefully she can continue her treatments with minimal side effects.

Here's to a quick recovery for Britt and the Sox in 2009!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Chemo Update and Some Family Pictures

Britt started her second cycle of chemo on Monday. So far this week hasn't been too bad for her. Today is the first day that she's really felt sick. But she's still eating normal and is able to function throughout the day. Unfortunately 2 days ago Britt tripped over her IV and fell on her right wrist and broke it. This is the wrist that they tried radiation on earlier this year to try and kill the cancer that was growing in that area. She was fitted with a soft cast today but Dr. Scott wasn't in the office and so we are waiting to hear from him on what we will need to do about it. For now though she'll just keep it wrapped and away from Boston. Despite that she really is seeming to respond well to this chemo treatment. We're hoping it will last until she's finished with this round which should be either Wednesday or Thursday.

In anticipation of Britt losing her hair again we decided to get family pictures taken a few weeks ago. A good friend of ours Haley Gibby has taken our family pictures for the last couple of years and always does a really good job. Despite the good photography she does she has a pretty rad singing voice and also has an album out under the name Summer of Space. Check out her music on iTunes or myspace when you get a chance, especially if you like House, Trance, etc. it is definately worth listening to...especially at night.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

California Fun

Well, I am finally getting around to blogging about our awesome trip. A few weeks ago we found out the chemo drug I was on wasn't doing anything. We decided to take the kids to Disneyland before I started a much more intense treatment. So in a week my mom and I planned the trip and off we went. We packed everything without the kids knowing and headed out with my parents. We made it to Fillmore before Harmony started having an anxiety attack not knowing where we were headed. So I handed each kid a present and they opened Minnie and Mickey Mouse shirts. Harmony's face was priceless as she looked at the shirt and then with a huge grin said, "we're going to Disneyland?!?!" It was great to surprise them. We had a smooth sailing trip minus the little car problem the first day. But we got that fixed.We got to California on Wednesday and headed to a Dodgers game. The next morning we were up and ready to start our fun at Disneyland. Someone Hayley knows heard we were going and set up a private meet and greet with Cinderella and then Mickey Mouse. The kids were a little bashful with Cinderella but couldn't stop talking about it after. Boston was so excited when the door opened at Mickey's house and there he was in front of him. We also got reserved seating for the fireworks on Friday night, it was awesome. The lines weren't too bad but being in a wheelchair was nice because we were able to go to the front of most lines. The kids were in heaven and it was so much fun watching their excitement with the rides and especially the characters. The kids got autograph books and loved getting signatures from the many characters we ran into. Friday we pulled a fourteen hour day at Disneyland and the kids never complained. They did great!
My favorite part of Disneyland was watching the excitement on the kids faces, being with my family, my parents included, and of course the Peter Pan ride. Steven's favorite was also watching the kids. Boston loved the Playhouse Disney Show at California Adventure along with the High School Musical Show. He enjoyed the character stuff which included the parades at both parks. He was so funny to watch. Harmony's favorite part was the rides and parades. Brynn's favorite was Thunder Mountain.
On Saturday we headed to the beach for half the day before heading home. The kids loved it! We went with our friend Emily, her friend, sister, and nieces. The kids were so funny jumping waves and made one beautiful sand castle. They were mad when we had to start home.
Everything went great and we had SO much fun. I was so glad we pulled the trip together. I am so thankful to my parents for all of the fun and for helping out with the kids. We couldn't have done the trip without them. These are memories we will have forever thanks!