Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chemo Never Gets Easier

So I did start chemo again on August 11th and you would think after all of the chemo that it might get easier but it doesn't. I have treatment once a week on Monday and then after three in a row I get a week off. I did pretty good with my first round. I felt a little nauseous but never threw up. I was tired that week but took naps when Boston did. Week two didn't go as well. I wasn't even sure they were going to give me chemo because my blood counts were low to begin with. After waiting FOREVER they decided to give me chemo. I ended up sick and throwing up. I was beyond tired and spent Tuesday also at the hospital. I got a shot, received 20 minutes of medication to help my nausia and two units of blood. On Wednesday and Thursday I gave myself shots to boost my white blood cells and had a bad reaction. I have had the shots before but it has been close to four years ago. The shots can cause you to ache but this time I wasn't having bone aches I was having intense sharp pain in my shoulder and neck. It was horrible and even the strongest of pain medications did nothing for me. Thanks to prayers and a preisthood blessing I am doing better now. I have chemo tomorrow and the following week I will have off. I will continue this cycle until we see if it is working or not. Thanks for all of the love and support. I am sorry it took so long to update.

Our August

Well, August has been busy so far with only one week left. I can hardly believe how fast it has gone. I got to start August off with a kid free weekend. Nicole and Ben took the kids and Steven surprised me with Martina McBride tickets. The concert was amazing and the weekend followed with fishing (something for Steven), shopping, and good food. We had a nice time together and not having to worry about the kids. Our weekend ended with a visit from Emily and Lechelle (our friends from Ricks). We had a great time hanging out with them and thanks to Emily the girls got their much needed school haircuts. Their hair looks great!!
The next weekend we headed to St George for one last break before I started chemo and the girls started school. We had a great time together as a family. My parents also went down and we had fun hanging out with Hayley and Ben. We went to Tuacahn's "Sound of Music", shopped, and went swimming. There was nothing we had to do so we just enjoyed relaxing. I have now started chemo and will continue doing that for now. Harmony and Brynn have both started fall soccer and are loving it. Harmony started the first grade this past week and is enjoying it. She gets to go to computers and art which is fun for her. Brynn started preschool again this past week and is excited to start reading. She wants to be just like her big sister. Boston is not sure about having both of his sisters gone but hopefully he will get used to it quickly. He cried the whole time Brynn was gone Thursday and I am not sure how many more days of that I can handle. We are good and life is busy. I am sure it will only continue to get busier.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chemo Again

I had my appointment with my oncologist and I will be starting chemo again on August 11th. I will be trying a chemo drug that I have never had before. I am not supposed to be as sick on it but who knows. I am doing fine with the news because I figured that was the next step. We have not told the kids yet so please don't ask me about chemo in front of them. We will tell them right before so they don't let their little minds worry any longer then necessary. I am feeling pretty good but I am ready to actively start fighting this cancer in my body. I will keep you posted on how treatments go.