Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Harmony's Birthday and Arizona

I wasn't sure we were going to make it to Arizona with Steven and Brynn both sick but luckily their antibiotics kicked in and we where able to head down for my brother's wedding. It was a long drive but caravaning with three other cars made it interesting to say the least and the kids did great. It was Harmony's birthday the day we arrived so we went to Golfland to celebrate. We miniature golfed, played arcades, and ate pizza. I think Harmony had a good time she hadn't been too excited about being somewhere else on her birthday. The next day was the wedding. It was great to be there together as a family in the Mesa temple. My grandparents also came down and my grandpa performed the sealing. Wes and Leah were so fun to watch they are such a cute couple. The girls loved their new dresses and felt very pretty. It was a long day because we were constantly on the go but everything turned out great. The next day we headed to a Wildlife Zoo with the family and had a great time. The kids loved the animals and running around with their cousins. After the zoo we headed the Adam and Naomi's for the night and had a great time with them. Early Sunday we were on the road again and drove straight home. I thought it would be horrible but the kids did great until we hit Spanish Fork and then they were just ready to get out of the car. We all enjoyed the warmer weather and now have spring fever. The snow can go away for a year and I would be just fine with that.


Mia, Harmony, Brynn, and Boston getting ready to golf.

Harmony opening gifts

Wes and Leah

The kids with my grandparents

Steven and I at the reception

My cute kids
Boston and Steven at the zoo

The Zoo

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Uncle Nick

I was driving home from work Thursday evening and just as I was getting off the freeway exit I received a phone call from my mom. She called to let me know that my Uncle Nick had passed away that day. Wow, what a complete and unexpected shock. My Uncle Nick Drakulich was diagnosed with cancer back around November, it was some kind of tumor under his tongue but I'm not sure what kind of cancer it was considered. He started chemotherapy and radiation in January and the prognosis seemed extremely hopeful and the most likely outcome seemed to be that this would be cured without many complications. Unfortunately as I have come to know all too well, nothing is very easy when chemo is involved. I'm still not sure what exactly caused his passing but it's a very surreal thing. I didn't know my Uncle Nick very fact I can probably count all the times I spent with him on one hand. But all the memories I have of him are happy and memories I'm glad to have. We were able to vistit Nick & Elaine this summer as we made our way to Seattle. I'm now very grateful that my kids got to meet Nick and even play with him a little bit for the short time we were there.

Death isn't something I've had to deal with many times in my life. Mainly just my Grandpa Drakulich and my baseball coach growing up. As Britt and I sat talking the night we found out about Nick it definately brought us back to reality a little bit with regards to how serious cancer and its treatment methods can be. As for my Uncle Nick, we will miss you and I hope Heaven has some good fly fishing for you.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Where did January go?

I can't believe it is already February. I thought I would give a quick update on what we were up to for the month of January. On January 1st we celebrated Brynn's 5th birthday. She was really excited and suddenly thought of herself as much older now that she is 5. The kids played in the snow and made a snowman. The girls spent a lot of time playing with their friend Claire. Steven and I took in a Jazz game and thanks a TON to Melissa for watching the kids. Other then starting on a trial study instead of chemo for now and a few doctor appointments the month has just flown by with the everyday things. I will hopefully do a better job in February keeping up to date.
Brynn opening her many presents.
Brynn with her princess cake. (What a headache.)
Boston and Brynn playing in the snow.
Harmony, Brynn, and Claire having fun.