Thursday, May 29, 2008

Home Sweet Home

I am finally home after about 18 days in the hospital. Since we moved in right before my surgery I actually spent more time in the hospital then I had in my new home. I am happy to finally be sitting in my new beautiful home. I still have an air leak in my lung but my surgeon knew I had hit my limit and that I needed to be home with my family instead of waiting for their daily visits. I still have my chest tubes in me draining my lung. I have to keep these tubes in me for at least another week. If I go out anywhere I also have to bring along the tubes hanging out of me and the box they are connected to. Luckily I have no where to go besides Harmony and Brynn's dance recital on Saturday. I am in some pain since I have two, foot long tubes crammed in me and hanging out my side. I am also pretty tired since I have spent the past couple of weeks mostly in bed. I am ready to regain some strength and get feeling better. Thanks for all of your support!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Latest Hospital Update

Well, I am still just hanging out at the hospital. I realized that in my previous update I forgot to mention that they took my whole lower left lobe. I now have a total of one lung left. Dr Collins (my surgeon) just left and said that they still want to keep an eye on me. My drainage is doing better but I still have an air leak in my left side. I wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon so I am not surprised. I am starting to feel better and my pain is doing well. I have felt great walking I haven't really noticed a difference in my lung capacity yet. I hope that I won't notice much of a difference in my daily actvities when I make it home. We are still waiting on all of the options they are researching. As for now my priority is recovering from surgery and it sounds like I am headed in the right direction. I am just resting and getting better. Thanks for all of the support.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hospital Update

Sorry to anyone who has been looking for an update. Steven forgot to tell me that he had erased the last blog. I guess he has been a little preoccupied. As for my surgery it did not go as we had expected. It ended up lasting about eight hours. When they got in there was a lot more cancer then they had seen in the scans. They took what they could but had to leave a good amount behind. We are now waiting as they research all of my options and then we will decide what the next step is. I am doing better today then I have been. I appreciate all of the love and concern. We are just hanging out at the hospital and plan on being her for at least one more week if not longer. I have been tired and in more pain then in the past. As of today I would still prefer no visitors but Steven or I will keep you updated and let you know when I am up to visits. Thanks again for your support. I am never giving up so there is no need to worry.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Race For A Cure

The past three years we have looked forward to doing the "Race for a Cure". It is an awesome experience to be surrounded by so many people fighting for one cause. It is something that helps give me strength as I look around and see others who have been there and done that. The first year we were excited to do the race as my one year mark from having finished chemo and celebrating one year cancer free. Last year I was pushed in a wheelchair since I had just been released from the hospital from my lung surgery. This year I am two days away from entering the hospital to have the same surgery done again. I also had Hayley there by my side but this year fighting her own battle as she walked it only a week after her own thyroid surgery to remove cancer. I hope this remains a tradition for my family that every year we get together in hopes that one day a cure will be found. I know that the race is technically for breast cancer but I figure if they find a cure for breast cancer they will find a cure for all cancers. I am also glad that Deb and Emily were able to be there again as Deb and I have continued to battle our sarcomas. Next year we will both be healthy and cancer free. We will always be "sarcoma sisters" but we can do that without it being active. I will be at many races for years and years to come. Thanks family for all of your continued support as we battle this cancer. One more surgery and I think we can kick this in the butt!!! I will never give up in my battle! I will never let the cancer win!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Soccer Time

On Saturday Harmony went to her first game this season. In the fall she was a little timid and by the end of the season started to get the hang of it. According to Steven after her practice it had been a long off season. Steven decided to try and motivate her at her game by telling her if she scored he would give her five bucks. She usually just follows the crowd with the ball but doesn't get in the middle to kick too often. She was called off the sidelines and took off. On the next break away that her team got she was right there in the action and headed for the goal. Next thing we knew Harmony had kicked it through and was beaming. We could not wipe the smile off her face. She was so excited and has informed us she will try to do it again at the next game. Good Job Harmony!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Cancer Sucks!!!

Well, Hayleys surgery went well but it was for sure cancer. Thyroid cancer is very curable and do able but it is crazy that my little sister would get cancer also. I asked my oncologist if this meant that my other siblings should be worried now and he said no. These cancers have no relation to each other. He said it is as if we walked outside on a sunny day and got struck by lightning. That is how crazy it is. I am still bugged that two more spots of cancer have shown up again in my left lung. It seems weird that I would have three lung surgeries in about a years time. My surgery is scheduled for May 13th and so I am trying to get everything situated with the kids right now. I am also trying to enjoy everyday life before I am stuck at the hospital. My surgeon said I will be in the hospital for at least two weeks. A hospital can get pretty boring after a couple of days. I told Hayley I would switch her places when she was complaining about having to spend two nights but she quickly declined. Lets just pray I can kick it hard enough this time that it won't show its face again.