Monday, June 23, 2008

Tube Free!

I had an appointment with my surgeon today. He had told me over a week ago that today he might cut my chest tubes down, so that I wasn't hooked up to suction anymore. Then over the following few weeks he would slowly pull them out little by little. SO I was shocked today when he said that my x-ray looked good and he was considering pulling my tubes completely out. I told him not to get my hopes up. After thinking it over for a few minutes he decided he would pull them. It was a weird feeling when they were coming out and it feels great now that they are gone. I am SO happy to not have tubes hanging out of me hooked to drainage and suction. Thanks for all the prayers. This was definitely more than an answer to my prayers today. I still have some recovering to do but I am almost done with post surgery. Tomorrow will be six weeks since surgery so technically I can lift again as long as it doesn't hurt. I don't plan on lifting Boston much but it is nice to know I can if I need to. Things are looking up a little and it is nice.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Going Private

Because of recent issues my sister in law is having with her blog I too have decided to make our family blog private. I just need to keep my children and family safe from those crazies out there. If you are logging on just to see health updates I will continue to post those on . If you want to see the family updates please just contact me and I will put you on our viewing list. I will be going completely private by Sunday June 22nd. Please don't let this stop you from looking in on us, just drop me a line or give me a call.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a Week!!!

After my news last Thursday I was pretty depressed and didn't think things could get much worse. Little did I know what was in store. On Saturday night Harmony started complaining of an earache. She stayed home from church on Sunday with me because she still wasn't feeling good. Half way through church Steven showed up back at home with Brynn in her underwear. I guess Brynn had gotten a flu bug we were unaware of and threw up in primary. (Thanks to those who cleaned her and the vomit up. That's the worst!) She spent the next 24 hours sleeping and throwing up. On Tuesday Harmony was still complaining and Boston was also getting fussy. With help I got them to the doctors to find out that Harmony had a double ear infection and Boston's left ear was infected. I had them check Brynn since we were already there but they said she was fine. Wednesday morning Harmony broke out in hives and ended up back at the doctors. It ends up she was allergic to the antibiotic they had given her. I had them check Brynn's ears again since they were there and this time after removing some wax they saw the fluid and inflammation so she too had an ear infection. Thursday came and Boston was completely lethargic and wouldn't eat, drink, or move. Back to the doctors they went. Since the doctor had seen him the day before playing around when the girls were getting checked she was very worried about him. Boston ended up at the hospital for lab work and of course they missed his vein the first time around. The lab work came back and didn't show anything out of the ordinary besides that he was extremely dehydrated and we either had to get him guzzling some fluids or he would need to be admitted to the hospital for IV's through the night. We luckily were able to get him drinking and he is doing better. As for my Thursday visit I was informed that my tubes would be remaining with me for a few more weeks. The repairs made in me caused a pocket of fluid that needs the tubes for draining. If the tubes are removed too early then the fluid will get infected and I will end up back in the hospital with a lot of complications. After the explanation of the seriousness of prematurely removing my tubes I handled the news better. It still stinks and drives me crazy but if my choices are my house or sick in the hospital. I will take my house with the tubes and make the most of it. Well, I can only hope for health in our house this coming week. Thanks for the love care and concern.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Doctor Appointment

I went to my surgeon's yesterday in hopes that I would get my chest tubes pulled. He said because of my high fever I had the night before it would be unsafe to pull them until I know if I have some kind an infection or not. I was sent home with the tubes still in me and depressed. The tubes are very uncomfortable and not fun to have to work around. I will see him in a week but I don't think I can count on them being pulled until they actually count to three and yank it out. I am tired from the pain medications and the lack of sleep at night. It is hard to find a comfortable position being propped up with tubes coming out your back and side. At least I am home and even though I have been unpleasant to be around at times my family is still loving and there to help me. Thanks for checking in on me.

Dance Recital

Yes, I made it to the dance recital and it was wonderful! Harmony received the "dancer of the year" trophy for her class. After she informed me that she wants to keep taking dance so that she can win more trophies. Harmony and Brynn both did a great job and looked beautiful. It was about a two hour show but Boston was mesmerized by the dancers and clapped very enthusiastically for all of them.

School's Out

I haven't posted in a few so a quick update. Harmony is thrilled to tell everyone that she is now a first grader. On her last day of school the neighborhood kids got together after for a water party at Glenn and Lori's. All three of my kids had a blast and I enjoyed the fresh air.

Boston wasn't too thrilled when he got hit with a balloon during the water fight.