Saturday, July 26, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Well, besides seeing Grandma Drakulich the main reason for our family vacation was to visit another ball park and watch the Red Sox play. We were able to go see the Red Sox vs. The Mariners two nights in a row. Safeco field was great and so were our seats. The first night we were on the lower level behind home plate. The second night we were in the upper deck behind home plate. It was a blast and we all had a good time. Half of the stadium was Red Sox fans but nobody could beat out three cute Red Sox fans. Everybody seemed to be commenting on our cute kids. What can I say they looked adorable!
Harmony shortly after getting to the field the first night lost her tooth while eating dinner and accidentally swallowed it. I thought it was going to be the end of the world for her but Steven told her she could email the tooth fairy and let her know what happened. That seemed to help the traumatic situation.
Around the 8th inning the first night Boston and the girls were starting to get a little restless so we went for a walk. At Safeco field the bullpen is at the back of the field and the only thing between you and the players is a chain link fence. You can go back there and watch them warm up. We ended up back there on our walk and watched their closer Papelbon warm up. Since the kids are SO cute, people were letting them right up next to the fence to watch. After Papelbon got called out I watched the catcher, Kevin Cash, throw the ball up to the guy next to us. The guy came over and gave it to Boston. He told him the catcher wanted him to have it. Boston was in heaven and would not let go of the ball. He even fell asleep with it. When the game was over, which the Red Sox won, we were standing there and a lady started talking to Boston and the girls. She was asking if they had a fun time and enjoyed watching Jon Lester pitch for the Red Sox. (Jon Lester is one of Steven’s favorite players.) Then the lady with her said she is Jon Lester’s Mom. We were a little surprised. Steven and Boston had watched him warm up for the game in the bullpen before the game started.
The kids "spitting" seeds.

The second night everyone seemed to recognize the kids again and continued talking to them. We had a fun time watching the game from the upper deck. Around the 8th inning again I took the kids down to the bullpen to watch them warm up. Kevin Cash was smiling and waving to Boston and when Papelbon headed out to pitch again he threw the ball up for Boston to have. So Boston ended up with two Papelbon warm up balls from Kevin Cash. He again was in heaven to have a baseball and had to carry it the rest of the night while singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to himself. We had a blast at the games and wish we could have gone to game three but we had to head home.


Being in Seattle made me SO glad that we do not live in a big city. It was so insane there with all of their one way streets and extremely steep hills. Not to mention it cost a fortune to park anywhere. If you enjoy walking you might enjoy the city more but with one lung, all of the walking isn’t always the easiest. We had a good time together as a family once we got past the chaos of the city. It was hot one day and freezing the next. I like to see the sun not clouds. We enjoyed eating on the pier and taking in all the sites.

We went to Pike’s Market Place and the kids were able to watch them throw fish.

We saw the Space Needle.

We went to the Seattle Children’s Museum.




We wore the kids out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

8 Years Together

Happy Anniversary to us! I can hardly believe that we have been married for eight years. Steven has been so amazing with everything we have been through. He is the most wonderful husband and father. I am so glad that he is mine for all eternity. I hope that everyone is as lucky as me but I doubt it. Who would have thought eight years ago that I would be celebrating my eight year anniversary with my husband, two beautiful girls, and cutie Boston at a Red Sox game. I am sure it doesn't get much better for Steven. Everything he loves... me, the kids, and the Red Sox. Happy Eight Year Anniversary and MANY more to come!

(Harmony took this picture of us.)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Portland Temple, Zoo, and OMSI

Portland Temple

I had never been to the Portland Temple so I thought it would be a nice place to visit and take the kids. It was absolutely beautiful! I was so glad that we walked around the temple grounds.

Zoo Time

Steven and the kids standing in front of the chimpanzee cage.
The kids sitting on tractor seats that were in the petting zoo area.

The kids and I in front of the elephants. They have always been my favorite.
The girls seeing how tall they are compared to the bears.


Harmony and Boston being dinosaurs.

Harmony and Brynn looking for dinosaur bones.
Steven and Brynn seeing if her"flyer" will fly. Harmony is in the background making one.

Road Trip to Portland

We went on a road trip to visit the Drakulich family in Oregon. Portland is so beautiful and green if you could only count on the sun showing up on a regular basis it would be a great place to live. We have enjoyed seeing family and exploring the city. The kids are having a blast and have enjoyed meeting the Drakulich family. We haven't been to Oregon since Harmony was 9 months so other than Grandma the family hasn't met the kids. They have been able to meet Auntie Kay, Uncle Nick, Aunt Elaine, Cousin Scott, and Teddy (the dog). We first stopped at Multnomah Falls and hiked up to the bridge so that the kids could get a closer look.

The kids with Auntie Kay.

Uncle Nick "flying" Boston around.

Aunt Elaine with Harmony and her new best friend Teddy.

Steven, Scott, and Boston after a great game of catch.

Boston played catch with everyone that night.

Grandma and Boston reading. Grandma is Boston's new buddy.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Appointment

Today I had another appointment with my surgeon. He said my x-ray looked great and that it was even better than the last time. My left lung is starting to expand and take place of the missing lower lobe. The fluid in my lungs is almost nonexistent. When he checked my oxygen levels they were at 98% and my lungs sounded great when he listened. It was nice to have an appointment with some good news for a change. I will not need to see him for at least three months since I am now recovering so well from my surgery. My next doctor appointment will be with my oncologist at the end of July. I will let you know what the update is then.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Stadium of Fire

Happy 4th of July!

We couldn't resist surprising the girls with Stadium of Fire tickets when we heard Miley Cyrus was coming. We even kept it a surprise from them until the Sunday before when Steven's sister spilled the beans. They were still thrilled to death and Harmony wanted to know if she was going to stay after to sign autographs. We went with all of Steven's family. It was fun to watch their excitement throughout the night. Harmony had a blast and Brynn enjoyed most of it but didn't like all of the ash falling on her from the fireworks. It was a fun way to mark 10 years together with Steven. Hope everyone else had a fun 4th of July.